summertime, and the livin's easy..

...and that's my excuse for being absent since may 7th. not that anybody reads this. because i don't think anyone knows about it. so i suppose i'm just making excuses to myself, for myself. how's that for talking in circles?

i'm out of france! i don't know whether to jump up and down or huddle in a corner and cry. i've actually been back for a little while now but everday i not-so-secretly wish i was back in europe. in fact, the only time i don't think about leaving mtl is when i'm away! and i'll admit i've been away more than i've been back since returning from paris...them's the breaks.

that said, i've had to be here for the last week and a bit to pack up my life yet again and get ready to move to toronto next week. did i say next week? what i meant to say was 3 days from now. eehhyup. am i finished packing? nope. am i close? maybe. am i excited? it's hard to say. i'm starting grad school on sept 8th, so i'm looking forward to starting something new, however i'm not looking forward to the debt that will inevitably come out of this.

i'm hoping my sentiments change once i actually get there and life picks up again. perpetual limbo is the WORST and that's kind of what the past 2 months have felt like...intertwined with lots & lots of good times and a fair share of panic attacks, too.