Thoughts on Le Vernis #219 by Chanel

I always hated black nail polish. Like, HATED. I thought it looked nasty and tacky when chipped, and I'm slightly OCD about my nails and details in general so I never went near it. Last summer, while in Toronto with Abi and Val, I decided to get a black manipedi. I don't know why, or how, but I do know that it took a good hour of pondering over the colour before I finally gave the lady the go-ahead to start. And I loved it! The deep burgundys I save for winter have been pushed to the side because since getting to Paris I splurged on Chanel's #219 and my life has forever changed. I just thought I'd let someone know. Les Parisiennes aren't diggin colour splashes at the moment, and someone told me this winter is all about 'tristesse', so I figure I'm reppin thoroughly with black polish, even if gold and silver lamé are part of my daily wardrobe. Don't hate.

Other than that..it's the holidays and I kind of wish I was at home. I miss my people and my family. I don't really feel any holidaze here cause it's non-existent. It's the 24th and I've been having a dance party in booty shorts all morning. I'm invited to two holiday dinner parties but I might skip out on tonight's to finish up my grad school apps. Exciting, innit?

Gabe and Val visited last month and I'm ANXIOUSLY awaiting everyone else's arrival. As much as I like importing people, I've managed to gather some other expats here and they're awesome. My inexplicable luck with men who are spoken for continued last week with an awkward showdown between the gf and I at some wack theme bar - I had no idea and he wasn't making an effort to get that info to me. Besides, I was just talking and he totally wasn't my type. Anyway, I've managed to meet des mecs who a) aren't attached, b) don't suck, and c) aren't hella Euro (you know what I mean...techno-tight clothes-big belts-yickyickyickyick) and so my little harem is growing. They're a crew of writers who are helping me integrate into the side of Paris I'd have only seen from the train, so that's pretty dope. I have to admit, my people skills are getting better day by day.

I'm kind of lazy to start recounting specific stories and this things isn't letting me upload photos. I'm going to Budapest on the 30th for a week to see Souni and Lauren, so I should have plenty to say then..

a plus.